It's hard for many to distinguish between what's fashionable and what's not with the multitudes of clothing options out there.

The smallest details can make an article look fresh and cool or severely outdated

For example, polos. Very trendy during the 2000s, not so much anymore. There are updated versions of the polo today that do emerge cool, but you need to differentiate the slight nuances from that of the outdated polo.

Otherwise, you look 10 years behind the times, out of touch with cultural shifts and socially unaware.

Time to retire the old pique (mesh-like textured fabric) polos in your wardrobe. They'll eventually come around again but probably not for another 10 years.

These trends scream outdated when talking polos:

The New Polo Trend: Throw-back Details

Softer worn-in fabrics, small stripes, subtle scatter-prints, top yoke variance and contrasting trim. Click to shop.

Today's staple polo, however, has largely been replaced by other trends I've listed below. Click to shop.

1. Henleys & Button Pullovers

2. Quality Tees

3. Short-Sleeve Button-Downs


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