I've packed a bag for the long weekend, mentally retired from work spreadsheets and will spend the remaining work-week hours messaging friends about our sun-filled plans for this last (and long) weekend of the summer. All other obligations can wait until next Tuesday when I settle back into my less hectic non-summer norm: fewer weekend trips, fewer far-flung weddings and no family reunions until Thanksgiving.

However, end-of-season sales are worth a look. Usually the steepest discounts are offered twice a year around July/August to sell-off 'Spring' styles and March/April to unload 'Fall' styles. Typically retailers are trying to rid of stock before new product arrives for next season. 

I find that the largest discounts are often offered by vertical brands - those that design, import and retail products in their own stores. These brands, such as Club Monaco or Banana Republic usually have a little more flexibility within their margins to incentivize a customer's impulsive purchase.

This weekend being denoted the official summer-farewell, my favorite brands Club Monaco, J.Crew and Banana Republic are all offering an additional 25% to 40% reduction on already marked-down sale items through Labor Day.

This is about as cheap as it gets. Since sale clothing is already marked-down 25-50%, an additional 40% brings the total savings between 55-75%. In some cases that's pretty much at cost. 

Now is the time to pull the trigger on staple pieces you know you'll wear next summer like swimming trunks or shorts.

Spring for an item it-would-be-nice-to-have-but-not-spending-my-life-savings-on-it like a linen blazer or summer sweater. It's better to buy a quality piece at it's market low rather than buy an inferior version next summer when everything is full price.

Not everything at end-of-season sales will have to wait until next year. I've also picked several awesome coats, sweaters, jackets and shirts that can be worn well into this Autumn. Click to shop.


Staples For Next Summer:


Swim Trunks:




Fall & Winter Steals:

Hoping you have a sunny, beer (or rose) soaked summer-finale weekend. Or if you're in San Francisco, cheers to our summer weather starting now. Happy Labor Day.


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