What not to waste your hard-earned cash on?

Expensive fashionable sunglasses.

Let me explain. Generally you don’t want to overspend on trendy, drastically-designed items since they tend to go out of style quickly. Within a short period of time these items look dated and make you look less aware.

Most of your wardrobe budget should be spent on staples you wear often that will make you look savvy longer.

If you’re like me, or everyone I know, sunglasses last me a matter of weeks.  They’re easily lost, somehow get scratched in my backpack, or I simply come across a pair that makes me throw my current shades into that ‘everything’ drawer. Something so transient should not eat your dollars.

Sunglasses, especially, have an extremely high markup when stamped with a brand name.

Any pair retailed over $99 is highway robbery. Luckily, I’ve found a fantastic source for inexpensive sunnies that match the quality of high-end labels. ZeroUV.com sells an assortment of relevant, sophisticated styles at $10 - and offers free shipping & free returns. Banana Republic, Suit Supply and Warby Parker also have stylish, quality sunglasses under $99.


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