Where should one invest when it comes to wardrobe?

You should spend the most on garments you wear most often.

Likely, the one item worn most often is your backpack or laptop bag. Spend a little extra money on a more fashionable, high-quality daily bag.

MCM $775

MCM $775

The expense of a sophisticated, contemporary bag is worth every penny. It goes everywhere with you.

What you wear most often not only creates the most impressions but also affects your own performance.

For example, if you spend around $800 on your everyday bag like the above two styles  (upper-mid price point) and wear it 4x a week over one year:

For $3.85 per wear you could be perceived as more intelligent & socially aware while reinforcing your own confidence.

Since I’m a big online shopper, I count on a few reliable websites when looking to invest in a high-fashion item:

High-fashion designer products will stay relevant longer since these brands are on the forefront of fashion cycles. 

Buying at the front-end of a trend cycle will increase the ROI since you’ll appear more savvy while you wear it longer. 

Here are my work-bag style picks right now (click to shop):


Laptop Bags

*Already have a premium laptop bag and want an inexpensive backpack? Check out Herschel Supply Co.

*Got the sophisticated backpack covered and want an inexpensive bag? Look at Incase.


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