How do fashionable people look so sharp?

They layer.

It’s easier than you think. Whatever it is you’re wearing, you can add depth by layering.

In apparel styling we often adhere to the ‘magic 7’ rule - seven visible clothing articles or accessories that complete an outfit.

For example:

1. Casual

2. Business Casual

3. Formal

The above three outfits appear both complex and balanced due to the seven visible components that comprise each unique look.

Core clothing components:

  • shirt
  • pants
  • shoes

Additional components:

  • belt
  • watch
  • noticeable socks
  • colored shoelaces
  • sweater
  • jacket
  • additional shirt
  • vest
  • tie
  • bow tie
  • pocket square
  • scarf
  • hat
  • glasses
  • sunglasses
  • bracelet or necklace

Add accordingly until you're wearing 7 visible pieces. 

The casual-layer:

The formal-layer:

Sometimes an outfit component does not have to be an individual article. If an aspect of the outfit is unexpected or a bold contrast, it should be counted as one of the seven components.


Examples include:

The magic 7 rule is the simplest strategy to immediately improve your style. Try layering different items in your wardrobe. 

Comfort in layering won't immediately click overnight, but as you add layers to your look, you will become subtly more fashionable.

Which will better convey your self-awareness and confidence.

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